Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm in full Thanksgiving mode, although I know April could give a flying... Anyway. I'm in search of a couple of great recipes which I deftly avoided last year:

Pie Crust
Dinner Roll

Eek. I know. A bazillion recipes to choose from so I was wondering if anyone had any tried and true on the back burner. For rolls, I was looking at this recipe which sounds comparable to the "butt rolls" served at my in-laws. As far as pie crust goes, I'm overwhelmed. I'm seriously considering buying a premade shell unless someone wants to scare me off from that. Little D wants a strawberry pie (out of season, of course, he was not interested in any of the many fall selections I offered) and I'm making a pumpkin pie so I don't want to kill myself baking. Plus I'm hangin' with one of my favorite ladies on the Wednesday before.

For anyone looking for something yummy, I made this Pumpkin Cake from the Gluten Free Goddess for Little C's birthday and it was decidedly un-GF tasting and super delicious. For my CF sisters, I'm not up on my dairy-free frostings, so I'll let you handle that issue if you wish.

Help a sister out?


  1. here is the best GF crust I have made yet...
    make sure you have everything is really cold...that is the secret!!!!

    As for dinner rolls, I use Pamela's bread mix...the best GF rolls ever!!!


  2. i just came across this pie crust also...

  3. I went to sunflower to buy my pumpkin pie and they no longer carry it. Boo! I'm trying this one (meaning Ryan will make it) this year... I'll let you know how it tastes. It's crustless. Of course by the time it gets cooked and eaten the info I give you will be null and void until next year. Oh well.

  4. Thanks Missa! That may be perfect for the strawberry pie.
    April- I'm doing a crustless recipe, too. One I found in Living Without.